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Catching up with Michael


I'm a product designer, based in London, with 2 years' experience in the EdTech/SaaS sectors.

I’m available for my next opportunity 🖐️

You can reach me via email or LinkedIn.

To view my work experience, check out my LinkedIn or my CV.

Michael in Palenque, Mexico

👇 And the long version

Why’d you pivot into UX?

After a redundancy from the travel industry in 2021, I wasn't sure what my next steps would be. Browsing Instagram one day, I came across an advert for UX Design. The emphasis on creativity and analytical thinking hooked me, and this was my turning point.

I loved the idea of UX and enrolled with Designlab, landing my role with BridgeU after graduation. Pivoting into UX is the best decision I've ever made!

Hiking with friends in Scotland

Favourite part of the design process?

I really enjoy the exploration stage – thinking deeply about the problem space whilst garnering inspiration from across the web.

But my favourite part would probably have to be wireframing. I love going wide and exploring different ideas in low-fi and at pace. FigJam is amazing at this ❤️. Such a collaborative tool!

If you could upskill in any area of design, which area would you choose?

UX Writing! I think this is an under-appreciated area of design. Writing clear, conversation copy that pulls the user in and helps guide them through the product is a special skill. Plus, it's estimated that 75% of the web is text.

In saying that, the rise of AI gives designers more support than ever before for things like writing contextual copy and data synthesis. So to ensure AI doesn’t leave me behind, I’m part-way through this course on AI with the IDF.

At tea plantations in Kerala, India

What are your favourite design tools?

Pen and paper for sketching early ideas at pace, FigJam for wireframing and mapping user flows, Figma for visual design and prototyping, Maze for garnering unmoderated user feedback and Notion ❤️ for organising my work and personal life.

So before UX, what were you doing?

Here’s a run-through of the last 15 years.

I graduated from uni with a degree in Archaeology but didn’t want to pursue it as a career.

So I obtained a teaching certification and moved to China for a year to teach English before 2 years' teaching in Spain.

Then in 2016, I returned to the UK and made the move into the travel industry for a 5-year stint, working primarily in sales.

It was following my time in travel that I found out about UX design.

With my students in Wuhan, China

What do you get up to in your free time?

Even though I no longer work in travel, it’ll always be one of my biggest passions.

Cooking and baking are two of my favourite ways to unwind.

I also love to read, mainly travel writing, investigative journalism and design books. Currently reading "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker📗

Spin classes are a brutal but fun way of getting away from the desk, and I’m slowly getting back into kirigami (making my way through this book).

At Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, Japan

Favourite podcasts?

I love ‘A Short History of’ for its incredible storytelling of historical events. I’m a bit of a history geek and can be found listening to the latest episode whilst cooking.

I’ve been really enjoying ZOE Science & Nutritions podcast for their bitesized nuggets of info on health and nutrition.

Finally, I love Awkward Silences for its insights on User Research and its many tips on best practices.

Best bit of tech you’ve bought recently?

I’m really impressed by my Amazon Echo-dot. I bought one as a way for me to listen to music and podcasts whilst I’m cooking/baking. I was so impressed that I ended up buying a second one for my morning alarm clock!

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📹 Michael in the media


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