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I'm Michael

Hi and thanks for stopping by.


I'm a budding Product Designer who is motivated by simple solutions to pressing problems.

Prior to entering the design world, I spent nearly 8 years working in the travel and TEFL (teaching English) industries. 

Why have I made a career pivot into design?

  • Of all the jobs I've ever had, the ones I've been the happiest and most successful in were in creative settings

  • I loved that UX also requires an analytical mindset, as this suits my personality perfectly

  • This is an industry that has seen exponential growth in recent years. I find this inspiring and I can't wait to see how the evolution of user behaviours will drive change in technology

What gets me out of bed in the morning?

  • Cooking up a storm in the kitchen

  • Enjoying countryside walks

  • Developing my design skills

  • Planning post-covid adventures

  • Reading travel writing and history books

  • Trying to keep my plants alive

What can I bring to the table?

  • The ability to present information clearly and concisely to stakeholders

  • Great attention to detail

  • Working effectively on team-based project work (and against deadlines)

  • An unflappable nature (teaching children is perfect practice for this!)

Get in touch

Interested in collaborating on a project or want to say hi? Hit the button and let’s chat.

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